Kalpana -A tool to decode Ayurvedic compendia(Abstract)

Kalpana -A tool to decode Ayurvedic compendia

Vd. Jamdade Yogita1 , Vd. Divyashree K.S1, Vd. Chinmay Phadake1               

Department of Ayurved Samhita Siddhanta, College of Ayurved and Research Centre, Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


  1. Vd. Jamdade Yogita, Department of Ayurved Samhita – Siddhanta, PDEA’S College of Ayurved and Research Centre, Sector no. 25, near Vitthal Mandir, Pradhikaran, Pune44

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Ayurveda Samhitakara followed a specific methodology of writing a treatise with grammatical and compositional methods. Tantrayukti are part of Samhita Adhyayana and play an important role in deciphering the complicated sutra and they are very well elaborated by scholars.  Seven Kalpana have been explained by Arundatta which have specific definition and are essential in understanding the Samhita. Preliminary reading indicates similarities of Kalpana with Tantrayukti and other TantraGuna. The aim of the present work was to find out the applicability and necessity of Kalpana in the study of Ashtanga Hrudaya and to find out the origin of Kalpana.


Critical study of Kalpana mentioned in Ayurveda literature was done with respect to their number, meaning, similarity or differences with the other TantraGuna. Examples of each Kalpana in Ashtanga Hrudaya were extracted. Survey was done with framed questionnaire to come up with consensus on the origin and necessity of Kalpana.


Most of the experts opined that both Tantrayukti and Kalpana are necessary for the study of Samhita. The origin of the Kalpana remains unclear with some opining that these may have been taken from Sahitya or Vyakarana or it might be Arunadatta’s own contribution. Few are intermingled to some extent. Experts also agreed with this similarity, that both indicate the important thing in a group of substances


Literary study revealed that Vidya Kalpana is the most applicable Kalpana while reading Ashtanga Hrudaya. Few of the Kalpana are intermingled with other Tantra Guna for example Vidya Kalpana and Paratantra Pratyaya Arthashraya denote same but with slight difference. Vidya Kalpana gives the idea that knowledge of other Shastra is also necessary for the study of Ayurveda, para tantra pratyaya refers to the quotations taken from other Shastra. Guna Kalpana and Bhakshya Kalpana are unique techniques to understand the meaning.

Key words: TantraGuna, Kalpana, Arthashraya, Tantrayukti, Vyakhya, Tacchilya

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